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Booking Charters

The best way to to book a charter with us is by texting the Captain @ (603) 819-8149 or by emailing

Full Day Offshore -

Tuna & Shark


  • 4 People recommended, additional cost for one more.

  • Bait and Tackle Provided

Half Day - 4 hrs

Striped Bass & Bluefish


  • 4 People recommended, additional cost for one more.

  • Bait and Tackle Provided

  • 4 People Maximum! 

  • Bait and Tackle Provided

Full Day Offshore - 8 hrs

Deep Sea Fishing (Haddock, Cod)


  • 4 People recommended, up to 6 people allowed.

  • Bait and Tackle Provided

Full Day - 6 hrs

Striped Bass & Bluefish


  • 4 People recommended, additional cost for one more.

  • Bait and Tackle Provided

*All fishing licenses are included in the cost of the charter! You do not need to have a fishing license to come fishing with us!

Charter Rates

*A 15-20% Gratuity for the crew is customary and Greatly Appreciated*

Overnight Offshore - 

Tuna & Shark

(Please contact for details)


Note for Bluefin Tuna Fishing:

Per Federal Law, all Giant Bluefin Tuna caught (73inches or greater in length) are considered commercial sized fish and become property of the boat. 


Start times will depend on the tides. We will be in touch with you.

Cancellation Policy

If you have a charter booked and need to cancel, we request that you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled charter so we can offer the spot to another customer. If cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the scheduled charter, you will lose the deposit required for booking. Please text or email to cancel a trip. 

If there is unexpected boat problems or dangerous weather and the captain has to cancel the trip, the decision will be made on the day of that charter. We will try to re-book the trip for a new day if the customers schedule allows. If not, we will refund the whole payment.

Things to Know Before Your Trip

  • Alcohol consumption is permitted on the boat, however we have zero tolerance for overindulgence. We will cancel the trip and return to the dock.

  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed on the boat. This includes fireworks. We have fishing equipment including knives on the boat, please do not bring your own.

What to bring for your trip

  • Drinks and snacks: We have water and some snacks on the boat. 

  • Bagged Lunch

  • Warm clothes: It can get cold out on the open water, even in the summer. You can always take layers off!

  • Non slip shoes (Rubber sole is best): The deck gets wet! We don't want you slipping and falling!

  • Waterproof clothing: If the weather calls for rain on the day of your charter, this is a necessity!

  • Hat & Sunglasses

  • Any medication you may need: If you are prone to seasickness, Dramamine or Bonine will help.

  • Cooler: Keep a cooler in your car to take home your catch!

  • Hand Towel: It can get messy!

          *We do not provide Alcohol*

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